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Auction Software Features

 Unlimited Auction Lots

All AuctionTeq packages allow you to run an unlimited number of auctions. There are no restrictions.


 Unlimited Bidding

There are no restrictions on the number of bids that may be placed in an auction site. All packages allow unlimited bidding by users of the site.


 Customer Registration

Users of your auction site must register in order to participate in the on-line auction. This allows you to store basic information about your users and track who is bidding on what in the auctions.


 Customer Account

Users of your auction site can log into their own account page that allows them to see at a glance all auctions they are involved with in the system, helping to keep track of their actions on the site. Customers can also see their account balance, when payments are due, and make payments on-line, if you have setup on-line credit card oayments though the site.


 Multiple Category Levels

When auctions are created, they can be placed into an unlimited number of categories up to 3 levels deep. AuctionTeq Manager enables the creation of your own category structure. Users of the auction software are able to browse through the auction categories.


 Featured and Active Auctions

All categories have their own page to display auctions within the category. For each category you can specify a number of featured auctions. Active auctions highlight the auctions that have the most bids - to encourage further bidding.


 Search and Browse Facility

Located at the left of every page in the auction site is a search box that enables your users to quickly search for auction lots wherever they are in the site. Additionally there is an advanced search facility that allows users to specify multiple criteria to narrow down the search results.

Multiple browsing methods are included to allow your users to point and click their way the auction categories and lots.


 Traditional Forward Auctions

English auctions, also known as Forward auctions, are a standard feature of all AuctionTeq packages.


 Auction Watchlists - Monitor Auction Activity

Allows users of your auction site to add any auction to their own personal watchlist. This enables them to keep track of all activity pertaining to any auction in which they are interested. Users must login to their Account Page in order to manage their watchlist.


 AuctionTeq Manager - Administration Control Panel

As the auction site administrator, you will use AuctionTeq Manager to set-up and control your auction web site. AuctionTeq Manager is a set of password-protected web pages that provide an interface to the running of the auction site 'behind the scenes'. Allows full control over customers, bids, auctions, behaviour and settings of the auction software.


 Remote Management

Using AuctionTeq Manager you will be able to remotely control your auction site from any location in the world. All you need is a web browser connected to the Internet. It's as simple as that - run your auction site from your favourite holday destination!


 Choice of On-line Payment Providers

We have developed partnerships with the major on-line credit card payment providers, meaning that all auction software packages will cater for taking credit card payments on-line.

For a full list of supported Payment Service Providers please see our Partners page.


 Optional Reserve Price

Reserve Price Auctions - Users bid in the auction until a reserve price is met. The reserve price is set by the seller of the auction. Bidders are aware when the reserve price has been met, but are not told what the reserve price is.

Note: Our standard auction software will soon support sealed tender auctions (also known as private/blind auctions) whereby the value of bids are withheld from other bidders. We have already integrated this feature into some of our other bespoke solutions, so if this feature is of interest to you, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to build this feature into your auction site for you.


 User Auction Creation (C2C Auctions)

Customer-to-Customer (C2C) auctions enable users of your site to register and sell their own items on the site. They can manage their own auctions through their Customer Account page. The auction site administrator can still create auctions using AuctionTeq Manager tool we provide. The administrator has ultimate control over all auctions running within your site. This feature is only available in the Professional Edition of our auction software.


 Feedback & Rating System

All sellers have a displayed history and rating for all other users to view. Successful bidders are able to make comments about the seller they have dealt with and to give a numeric (star) rating of their experience with the seller. A seller can also leave feedback for the buyer at the end of the auction. This feature is only available in the Professional Edition of our auction software.


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