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Our mission is to provide you with the on-line auction solution that you want. Our auction software packages provide extensive auction functionality in a off-the-shelf solution. However, you might require something tailored more specifically to your business situation and strategy. If so, we are on-hand to help develop the auction solution you desire.

  Solutions specific to your business requirements
  Extended auction functionality
  Auction site maintenance contracts


 Extending Auction Functionality

We can develop a custom-built auction web site for you that exactly models the way you want your auction business to work. Working closely with our clients, we draw up a list of requirements for the auction business and then go about modeling that in the auction software, with the option of using SQL Server as a database back-end for high traffic sites and B2B site development.


 Auction Site Maintenence & Growth

We don't just sell you an auction package and leave it at that. Every on-line business undergoes continual change to keep up with the growing needs of their customer base. We provide an after-sales service that helps your on-line business to grow. We can perform custom enhancements on the standard auction software to mould it into the auction site that you want it to be. If you would like to submit a question, we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


 Choice of Platform and Technology

AuctionTeq software packages use a Microsoft Jet/Access 2000 Database as standard for storage of auction data. Our custom-built solutions also cater for high-end databases such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000+ that enable your e-business to scale upwards as required.

We will host your auction site on powerful Windows 2003 servers. Alternatively you can host the auction site on your own server and we can assist you in the process of getting set-up on that server. Read more about auction web hosting.


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