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The Top Dallas Suburbs For Families

Moving to Dallas is great but where should a family go when it comes to the suburbs?

Which ones stand out for families who want a healthy environment to live in?

Dallas is full of great suburbs that are going to make for excellent choices, but it's always important to do your due diligence and figure out what works and what doesn't.

Here are the excellent options in town for those who are selective about where they're moving to and what they're going to get out of the experience in the long-run.

1) Highland Village

This is a top-grade suburb in the region and continues to earn praise because of its low crime rate. Not only does it lack crime, but it also has some of the best schools in the state while being home to people from all over the world. This is what makes it a unique place to be in the heart of Texas.

Highland Village is also an exceptional option for those who want to reside in a scenic suburb. It has some of the most beautiful hills in the region that are a joy to look at when you are out walking from place to place.

2) Colleyville

For those who are in love with the true Texas lifestyle where things are simpler, and everything doesn't have to provide an urban feel, you will know Colleyville is the best suburb on the list.

Colleyville is great because the people are laid back, and you're going to have a very good time staying there.

The crime rate is low, and you're going to have an incredible time staying in the region.

This is a good place for those who love to take a step back and just see what Dallas is all about. This is the place to start.

3) Southlake

The final addition to this list of Dallas suburbs would be Southlake, and it is equal to the others in quality and safety.

You are going to see a minimal crime in this suburb, and the people are friendly.

Plus, the real charm of Southlake is the fact you're going to be home to some of the better schools in Dallas. This does rank up near the top of the heap.

You are also going to have a well-located suburb that is not too far off from everything in the downtown area. This is critical for a lot of people who are going to work in that part of the city or might want to spend time seeing different landmarks and sights.

These are the top Dallas suburbs for families as of right now, and these are well-regarded places that only get better with time. For those who are selective about where they're staying, you will know these are the suburbs to stick to.

Choosing the right suburb isn't easy, but you don't have to make it difficult as long as you stick to this list. All of the suburbs on this list are vetted and appreciated for their quality.

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